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So the Chinese land easily in a weak and divided Europe
Corriere della Sera - July 3rd 2010

A useful saying, I find, is “be careful what you wish for”. The consequences may not all be what you expected or thought of. In the next few years, this could well be true of two wishes: fiscal austerity in Europe and the decline of the value of the euro....
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Britain´s new era of coalitions
Corriere della Sera - May 9th 2010

Britain’s electoral system has been widely envied for its ability to produce decisive outcomes and stable governments. But on May 6th our “first past the post” system, with the candidate gaining the most votes winning outright in every constituency,...
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The case for Cameron-Clegg
Corriere della Sera - April 27th 2010

The British have long been suspicious of the idea of coalition governments, believing them to be a dangerously unstable continental idea. Despite the fact that, at least until Margaret Thatcher in 1979, our single-party governments were not noticeably...
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War and intelligence, a connection that remains
Corriere della Sera - March 29th, 2010

Having fought two wars together in the past nine years, neither of which yielded great honour or achievements, it may be natural for America and Britain to sit back and have a long cool think about quite what these two countries’ “special relationship”...
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Is Britain in the midst of an economic crisis?
Corriere della Sera - March 3rd 2010

Is Britain in the midst of an economic crisis? We British have been asking ourselves that question ever since the global credit crunch began in mid-2007, and even more so since the global recession began, a little more than a year later. Now, with the...
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China Takes More Belligerent Stance
Corriere della Sera - February 4th 2010

We are well accustomed to being rather bewildered by Chinese official statements. Although they have become more sophisticated in the past decade, very often they are still reminiscent of the era of Chairman Mao, of "paper tigers" and "running dogs"....
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No Legally Binding Treaty as Copenhagen Summit Closes
Corriere della Sera - December 20th 2009

The agreement that closed the Copenhagen climate conference will disappoint anyone who dreamed that this summit of more than 190 countries would come up with a legally binding treaty guaranteed to save the planet (or, rather, to save it by the common...
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Copenhagen Concensus Doesn´t Guarantee The Right Changes
Corriere della Sera - December 7th 2009

The Copenhagen conference on climate change, which opens next Monday, December 7th, is going to be difficult to evaluate—perhaps as difficult as is climate science itself. We already know that no new treaty will be agreed at the meeting, no full successor...
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Obama turns focus from Europe to Asia
Corriere della Sera - November 13th 2009

Everyone knows, or thinks that they know, that American power is declining. And yet everyone also wants America’s attention, and wants some reflected glory both from the sole global superpower and from its celebrity president, Barack Obama. That, at least,...
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BNP Debate in The Name of Democracy
Corriere della Sera - October 25th 2009

It is a problem at the very heart of democracy: are anyone’s political ideas so objectionable that they should not be allowed to be heard in public, especially on publicly financed television? That is what Britons have been debating for weeks, once it...
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Decisions on the Lisbon Treaty
Corriere della Sera - October 2nd 2009

This is an important week for European politics, and especially for the politics of my own country, Britain. The reasons lie across the sea from us in Ireland and across the channel in Germany, in the choices being made by voters there.            ...
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Withdrawl From Afghanistan Needs Nato Collective Decision
Corriere della Sera - September 19 2009

In Britain, we have become accustomed to the deaths of our soldiers, in Afghanistan like in Iraq. Even so, the death of six in a suicide attack in Kabul would still be a very big and shocking story, just as in Italy, and rightly so. But the reaction to...
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Japan´s main electoral battleground
Corriere della Sera - August 26th 2009

During the 1980s, Europeans knew little about Japan but wanted to know more. Since Japan’s financial crash in 1990-92, Europeans have felt they can safely ignore Japan in order to focus on China. This is a mistake. Japan has a lot to teach us about what...
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Economic recovery, liberalism and the oil price
Corriere della Sera - August 25th 2009

Economic recovery is gathering pace, or at least evidence, all around the world, even if neither Italy nor Britain have yet matched the positive GDP data seen in France, Germany and Japan. It is bringing with it two surprising features. At least, they...
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Importance of India to America
Corriere della Sera - July 23rd 2009

When you are the world’s only true superpower, then every region is important to you. That is why, whenever President Barack Obama or his secretary of state, Hilary Clinton, makes a major overseas visit they always say their alliance or relationship with...
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Uighurs Revolt Threatens Communist Party
Corriere della Sera - July 14th 2009

In most countries, a violent uprising by an ethnic minority which had to be suppressed by mobilising thousands of troops would be considered a sign of weakness for the regime, an indication of potential danger. Not in China. In that country, many things...
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Chinese Economy - Possible Recovery
Corriere della Sera - June 26th 2009

Can it just be a coincidence that we are seeing signs of an early recovery in the Chinese economy at the same time as the European Union and the United States are ganging up together to confront China at the World Trade Organisation over its allegedly...
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British Politics - Just Like Italian Politics These Days?
Corriere della Sera - May 12th 2009

For the past few days, the British public has been enjoying an unusual form of entertainment. It has consisted of daily revelations about the sums of money that British members of parliament have been claiming as expenses, and about the kind of things...
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Online Piracy
Corriere della Sera - April 26th 2009

Every writer, singer or actor depends for his livelihood on the legal and moral protection of his work from theft, or what these days we call piracy. For that reason, we should all writers feel instinctive sympathy towards a new law proposed by the French...
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India - Leftwing Backlash?
Corriere della Sera - April 16th 2009

During this global economic crisis, it is often said that one consequence could be a reversal of globalisation, a revival of state intervention, even a political swing towards the left. Yet it is hard to find examples of countries where this is actually...
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Thailand - A Fragile Democracy
Corriere della Sera - April 14th 2009

To a visitor, Thailand can seem such a peaceful place, where Thais greet you by putting their hands together as if in prayer. Admittedly, most tourists see the less graceful aspects of the country, with its bars, sex clubs and massage parlours, but two...
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Should We Be Pessimistic or Optimistic?
Corriere della Sera - March 29th 2009

At this stage of the global recession, should we be getting more pessimistic or more optimistic? Barely six months into the true economic shock that followed the collapse of Lehman Brothers in New York last September, it seems a surprising question to...
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Tibet - A Self Made Trap For China
Corriere della Sera - March 5th 2009

If you were planning to visit Tibet this month, then you had better think again. It is closed. Foreign visitors have been banned, amid a big security clampdown in what China calls the “Tibet Autonomous Region”, as well as parts of the four neighbouring...
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Obama´s Strategy Too Timid
Corriere della Sera - February 15th 2009

It feels like a slow-moving Greek tragedy, destined to end in disaster. But let us be optimistic: perhaps it will turn out to be a demonstration of clever political tactics. I am talking about the rescue package announced and achieved this week by Barack...
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Protectionism Can Only Prolong Recession
Corriere della Sera - February 3rd 2009

Everyone knows that this is a global recession, in which virtually all countries are suffering. Certainly, all the rich industrial countries of Western Europe, North America and Japan are suffering badly, and unemployment is rising everywhere. So it is...
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German Package Not Enough to Silence European Critics
Corriere della Sera - January 17th 2009

There are two dimensions on which Germany´s new 50 billion euro fiscal package should be judged. The first is economic: is the package the right thing to do to rescue German growth and jobs, and will it fulfil Germany´s responsibilities as...
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Pound-Euro Parity and The Benefits of Devaluation
Corriere della Sera - December 31st 2008

To some people, currencies are a national virility symbol. So the rapid decline of the British pound, in effect to parity with the euro, must be a national humiliation, a sign of a weak Britain and a strong eurozone? Well, so far the British seem unconcerned....
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How Large Scale Fraud Rocks Confidence
Corriere della Sera - December 24th 2008

How bad do you think the recession is going to be? How long will it last? Those are the two most common questions I have been hearing recently, as we approach the end of such a turbulent and dramatic year. The only truthful answer is that we don’t know....
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India - Strong Economy, Weak Politics
Corriere della Sera - November 28th 2008

Despite its famous democracy and its much-admired economic growth, India is a violent place. Bombs are frequently set off in markets, railway stations and other crowded places in many Indian cities. Nevertheless, the attack in Mumbai, the country’s financial...
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G20 - No Magic Solutions
Corriere della Sera - November 14th 2008

When the world is collapsing all around us, in a crisis that is now genuinely global, the very least we can expect of our governments is that they should meet each other to discuss what to do about it. For that reason alone, we should welcome the summit...
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European Banks In Crisis - Is the US to Blame or Not?
Corriere della Sera - October 7th 2008

This was supposed to be an American crisis, based on American subprime mortgages and American-style capitalism. So why do European banks seem now to be suffering more than their American counterparts? No one’s nerves have been steadied by Friday’s vote...
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China - The Need for Greater Food Safety Controls
Corriere della Sera - September 23rd 2008

The tragedy of contaminated baby milk in China is just the latest in a long series of such scandals, all of which follow the same pattern. There is early evidence of unsafe, criminal behaviour; it is covered up; it eventually emerges, with tragic consequences...
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Good News - America Chooses Well By Nationalisation
Corriere della Sera - September 10th 2008

The nationalisation by the American government of two huge mortgage-lenders, known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is a piece of unequivocally good news, a ray of sunshine through dark economic clouds. The reason why it is good news, both for America and...
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Persuading Afghan Farmers to Stop Growing Opium
Corriere della Sera - August 31st 2008

There is a strange inconsistency in the way we treat farmers. If they grow wheat, or sugar beet we pay them subsidies, sometimes to produce more, sometimes to produce less. But if they grow coca or opium poppies, we send in soldiers and helicopters to...
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GDP Drop - A Crisis But Not The Apocalypse
Corriere della Sera - August 15th 2008

This global economic situation continues to make a nonsense of all predictions. One year ago, when the “credit crunch” based on American subprime mortgages began, it looked obvious that the worst-hit countries would be those that reckless American-style...
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Anti- Fat Tax
Corriere della Sera - August 11th 2008

So, a report by the French tax and social affairs inspectorate wants to promote higher taxes on foods that are “too rich, too sweet, too salty and are not strictly necessary”. In other words, everything that people like to eat. Supposedly, the reason...
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Should Drugs Be Allowed In Sport?
Corriere della Sera - August 2nd 2008

Technology plays a part in virtually every sport. We know there have to be rules about what materials are used in tennis rackets and golf clubs, about what type of engines and other equipment are allowed in Formula One racing cars, and that as the years...
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Progress or Not for the World Trade Organisation
Corriere della Sera - July 29th 2008

This week, on the shores of Lake Geneva, a meeting is taking place that could determine whether globalization continues to make progress or whether restrictions against trade and cross-border investment begin to be rebuilt. This assembly of trade ministers...
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Creating a Shadow Government
Corriere della Sera - July 11th 2008

Robert Hughes, the great Australian art critic and essayist, called it “The shock of the new” in his justly celebrated book and television series on twentieth-century art. The phrase applies to politics too, however: in Italy, today, it might be most...
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Green Energy Tax
Corriere della Sera - June 22nd 2008

If globalisation means that we share problems with more and more other countries as well as create opportunities for trade and investment, then proof of that idea has never been plainer. All around the world, the pain of an oil price of $130-140 a barrel...
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A Great Depression Like 1929?
Corriere della Sera - June 11th 2008

America should be flattered. Despite all the talk of its decline, in the aftermath of the Iraq war and now the subprime mortgage crisis, and despite claims in a new book by a prominent commentator, Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek, that we are in a "post-American...
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Burma and China - Reacting to Their Natural Disasters
Corriere della Sera - May 28th 2008

When two natural disasters occur side by side, in neighbouring countries, we are inevitably tempted to compare them. That is exactly what has happened with the terrible tragedies of the Burmese cyclone, which has killed at least 78,000 people and left...
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McCain and Obama - Supporting Globalization
Corriere della Sera - May 20th 2008

Those of us who are in favour of globalisation, who celebrate the way it has raised living standards and reduced poverty around the world, are forever worrying that there may soon be a backlash against it, a revival of protectionism and economic nationalism....
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Condemned Britain - 2 Years of Weak Government
Corriere della Sera - May 4th 2008

This was the beginning of the end for Labour Party rule in Britain. In theory, Labour’s prime minister, Gordon Brown, has up to two years to recover from the worst election defeat his party has suffered for 40 years, since he does not have to call a general...
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Necessary State Intervention - Who Decides?
Corriere della Sera - April 21st 2008

Commentators and scholars of Japan have for many years been attracted by strange parallels between the politics of that country on the far edge of Asia and of a country in the middle of Europe—yes, Italy. Culturally, the two are entirely different. And...
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The Theatre of Italian Elections
Corriere della Sera - April 14th 2008

An election campaign is a piece of pure political theatre, whether it is interminably long, as in America’s two-year races, rather short as in Britain’s 3-5 week contests, or of middling duration as in Italy’s current campaign of roughly nine weeks. Still,...
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The Free Market Saves The Fed
Corriere della Sera - March 25th 2008

It is a debate that will never die. The rescue this week by the Federal Reserve Board of Bear Stearns, America’s fifth-biggest investment bank, and its decision to extend its borrowing privileges to all such trading firms as well as the commercial banks,...
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China´s Greatest Test Since Tiananmen
Corriere della Sera - March 15th 2008

This could prove to be the biggest test of the Chinese government’s ruthlessness since the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989. The riots this week by Buddhist monks and their lay supporters in Lhasa have been the worst the Tibetan capital has seen since...
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How to tackle food-price inflation
Corriere della Sera - March 8th 2008

Throughout your lifetime, whether you are 25, 40 or (like me) 50 years old, the price of food has been falling, bit by bit, year by year. The only exception to that trend occurred briefly in 1974-75 when the oil shock sent fertiliser prices rocketing...
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Will music melt North Korea´s heart?
Corriere della Sera - February 27th 2008

Music alone will not transform the closed and brutal Asian state of North Korea, nor will it transform the bitter relationship between the North Koreans and the United States. But the visit to North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang, by the New York Philharmonic...
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Wrong to recognise Kosovo
Corriere della Sera - February 19th 2008

The declaration of independence by Kosovo at the weekend, and the resulting split inside the European Union over whether to give official recognition to the new nation-state, represents a big failure for Europe and for its national governments. The failure...
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Competition for Africa´s heart
Corriere della Sera - February 17th 2008

It is a good time to be an African. It may not seem all that good, if you look at the violence in Kenya, or the continued slaughter in the Darfur region of Sudan, or the tragic collapse of living standards in Zimbabwe, but actually this is the best time...
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Italy´s electoral crisis
Corriere della Sera - February 4th 2008

For an outsider to comment on Italy’s political crisis feels rather like a neighbour intruding on a family tragedy: tempting, perhaps even desirable, but unlikely to be welcome. Even so, there is something to be said for a wider view of the issues raised...
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ECB - No Interest Cuts For Now
Corriere della Sera - January 28th 2008

For central bankers these days, it is a matter of pride to be able to stand up and ignore pressure from two sorts of directions: pressure from politicians, who are by definition reckless, and pressure from stockmarkets, who are by definition over-emotional....
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India arrives as a manufacturing superpower
Corriere della Sera - January 15th 2008

Lakes full of ink have been spilled about the unveiling in India on January 10th by Tata Motors of its new, super-cheap car. People have pondered whether the 1,700 Euro car, called the Tata Nano, will worsen global warming. People have looked back at...
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Betting on America´s election
Corriere della Sera - January 5th 2008

It is a little comical to make judgments about who will be the next president of the United States on the basis of voting by just a few hundred thousand residents of the single state of Iowa. Anyone concluding that the clear victories by Barack Obama...
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Hopes for America´s election
Corriere della Sera - January 2nd 2008

With voting due to begin in the Iowa caucus on January 3rd, followed swiftly by the New Hampshire primary five days later, events in America’s presidential elections will suddenly start to move quickly. That will be good news: in 2007, the campaign has...
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Alitalia should go to Air France-KLM
Corriere della Sera - December 18th 2007

When the board of Alitalia meets today to consider the competing acquisition proposals from Air France-KLM and Air One, the air will be filled with distracting issues. Does the buyer’s nationality matter? Should an airline, one attached to the name of...
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The dollar near its trough
Corriere della Sera - November 26th 2007

The most famous, if rather callous, saying about investment is attributed to Baron Nathan Rothschild, one of the founders of the great banking dynasty. He apparently said that “the time to buy is when blood is running in the streets”. What he meant was...
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Justice and the death penalty
Corriere della Sera - November 16th 2007

The resolution promoted by Italy and passed by the human rights committee of the United Nations General Assembly, calling for the abolition of the death penalty, has prompted a lot of commentators to make an anti-American point. They say that by supporting...
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China, India and $100 oil
Corriere della Sera - November 12th 2007

The continued climb of the oil price towards $100 a barrel is grabbing attention both because of its symbolic importance and because of fears that it will worsen America’s economic predicament. The slowing economy of the world’s biggest oil consumer will...
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The failure of General Musharraf
Corriere della Sera - November 4th 2007

General Pervez Musharraf’s coup in Pakistan is the strangest of coups: it is in effect a coup against himself. When he seized power in 1999 from the democratically elected but corrupt and incompetent government of Nawaz Sharif, the general was at least...
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What matters at China´s party congress
Corriere della Sera - October 16th 2007

When the world’s biggest country, measured by population, which could within 20 years be the world’s biggest economy, holds a meeting of its ruling Communist Party that happens only once every five years, it sounds like it should be an important and even...
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Merge the IMF and the World Bank
Corriere della Sera - October 5th 2007

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a fine choice as the new head of the International Monetary Fund, and the job he will take up formally on November 1st is a fine-sounding job, full of prestige. A skilled and very internationally minded former finance minister...
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Burma´s importance for China and India
Corriere della Sera - September 27th 2007

What happens now to the brave protestors in Burma, whether monks or ordinary citizens, is chiefly important for the Burmese themselves and for the fate of their dreadfully poor and troubled country. Outsiders like George Bush may say what they like—though...
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Get rid of the public v private ideology
Corriere della Sera - September 8th 2007

It doesn’t matter whether a cat is black or white, said Deng Xiaoping, as long as it catches mice. The great Chinese leader was trying to persuade his fellow communists that capitalism and private ownership should be acceptable, if they made China more...
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Embarrass Beijing, don´t boycott
Corriere della Sera - August 21st 2007

The one-year countdown has begun in Tiananmen Square, for the Olympic Games that will open in Beijing at 8.08pm on the 8th day of the 8th month of 2008. That perfect series of eights offers a small clue to how spectacular a show the Chinese government...
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A healthy financial shake-out
Corriere della Sera - August 17th 2007

When financial markets rise by three or four percent each day, no one pays much attention. But when they fall each day by that amount, it becomes front-page news. Reporters soon resort to absurd exaggerations. The Financial Times of August 16th, for example,...
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Sad about the Wall Street Journal
Corriere della Sera - August 2nd 2007

If I had been one of the family shareholders in Dow Jones, owner of the Wall Street Journal, I would probably have agreed to sell my shares to Rupert Murdoch. The family had many years ago become distanced from the management of the newspaper and news...
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Welcome, Chinese investors
Corriere della Sera - July 25th 2007

Foreigners don’t vote, and so they are a convenient target for politicians in all countries. That is why Europe’s trade commissioner, Peter Mandelson, France’s president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and a whole baseball team worth of American congressmen have lined...
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Anxiety, marketing and the BBC
Corriere della Sera - July 14th 2007

For many years, the British Broadcasting Corporation has had the nickname in England of “Auntie”. It is partly affectionate, since everyone in a family should be fond of their Aunt, but partly critical, because in Britain it is thought that Aunts have...
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Illusions of change
Corriere della Sera - July 2nd 2007

What do we want from our political leaders? Wisdom, experience, steadiness under pressure, clarity of thought: those were once what most European voters seemed to choose, or at least it is what political parties offered to the voters. Now, we are in the...
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Praise the scientists who deny climate change
Corriere della Sera - June 28th 2007

The essence of science is uncertainty, or so we non-scientists believe. I grew up being taught the principles of Karl Popper, the great Austrian philosopher, who said that something could be considered scientific only if it was capable of being disproved...
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The European Union and Kosovo´s independence
Corriere della Sera - June 24th 2007

Russia’s rejection of the latest American and European proposal at the UN Security Council on helping Kosovo to become independent of Serbia looks like the latest example of the widening divide between Russia and the West. But that would be the wrong...
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Israel should talk to Syria
Corriere della Sera - June 16th 2007

There is nothing good to be said about it. The takeover of the Gaza Strip by fighters from Hamas, the Islamic Palestinian organisation that rejects the right of Israel to exist, represents a further disastrous blow to the peace process between Israel...
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On climate, Bush and history
Corriere della Sera - June 2nd 2007

One of the Bush administration’s favourite put-downs, used generally to dismiss opponents of its efforts to export democracy, is the idea that someone is “on the wrong side of history”. By that, they mean that time (and thus history) will inevitably prove...
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Russia, a government without scruples
Corriere della Sera - May 28th 2007

A few years ago, the thuggish behaviour of Moscow police towards gay-rights activists might have been dismissed merely as signs of Russia’s backwardness. It will take time to emerge from more than seven decades of Soviet Communism, sympathisers might...
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An American slowdown? Thank goodness
Corriere della Sera - May 21st 2007

In this sophisticated era, with high technology and globalisation and extraordinarily complex financial transactions, few would have predicted that the fate of the world’s largest economy would boil down to something so humble and old-fashioned: the private...
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Gordon Brown´s difficult succession
Corriere della Sera - May 11th 2007

Britain is about to experience a very strange political transition. It is going to have an utterly predictable change of prime ministers. It is a change of prime minister from one Labour Party leader, Tony Blair, to another Labour politician, Gordon Brown,...
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France´s vote on Sarkozy the bully
Corriere della Sera - April 30th 2007

The second-round vote in France’s presidential elections will, in effect, be a referendum on Nicolas Sarkozy. But surely that was also true of the first round, since Sarkozy was the clearest, most experienced, most obviously able (Segolene Royal may well...
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Religion and politics in Turkey and Italy
Corriere della Sera - April 21st 2007

A huge crowd of at least 300,000 people gathered on Saturday April 14th in Ankara, Turkey’s capital, to protest against the idea that Turkey’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is a devout Muslim, should become the country’s president. Their argument...
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False smiles between China and Japan
Corriere della Sera - April 15th 2007

It is as if nothing ever happened. China’s prime minister, Wen Jiabao, has this week made the first visit to Tokyo by a Chinese leader for more than six years. That gap occurred because of bitter arguments between China and Japan over Japan´s’war-time...
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Economic nationalism and Telecom Italia
Corriere della Sera - April 4th 2007

A famous English saying, by our 18th century literary genius and curmudgeon, Samuel Johnson, states that “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”. Today’s European equivalent is economic nationalism, the urge to block (or to talk about blocking)...
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Europe´s unhappy 50th birthday
Corriere della Sera - March 24th 2007

The European Union is 50 years old and has been celebrating its birthday this week in Berlin. That is what the citizenry of Europe have been told, at least those that read newspapers or watch TV news broadcasts. But how many of them care? Opinion polls...
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Clinton, McCain and America´s money election
Corriere della Sera - March 12th 2007

It seems to happen every time. The American presidential election campaign begins, and I start to protest. Why should an election campaign start so early? There are still more than 18 months to go before the vote, in November 2008. Why should there be...
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New ideas for Afghan opium
Corriere della Sera - March 7th 2007

The idea to buy up Afghanistan’s opium crop and use it to increase production of morphine, being promoted by Italy’s Refounded Communists and by a former Canadian ambassador to NATO, Gordon Smith, is not as crazy an idea as it may sound. The idea sounds...
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India, il Professore, and Italy´s political crisis
Corriere della Sera - March 1st 2007

I suppose I should ask myself, with a weary sigh: why should I be surprised at Italy´s political crisis? These things used to be so commonplace, before Silvio Berlusconi´s long reign as prime minister. But there is a reason. Maybe I am politically...
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English lessons for Italian football
Corriere della Sera - February 9th 2007

Ever since Italian football entered its crisis of violence, my Italian friends have been asking me questions: how did Britain solve its problems of football violence? What can Italy learn from Britain? Why is it that football, uniquely among sports,...
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China faces reality in Africa
Corriere della Sera - February 7th 2007

This week, China’s President Hu Jintao has set off on a 12-day tour of African and Indian Ocean countries. Why? Because he is touring China’s new foreign assets: its mines, its suppliers of the huge amounts of natural resources it needs to fuel its extraordinary...
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On not going to Davos
Corriere della Sera - January 25th 2007

Every year at this time, the gathering that is the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, generates contradictory emotions. One set of emotions make me wonder whether I should be there, for surely I might be missing something by not attending an...
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The danger in Asia
Corriere della Sera - January 9th 2007

Europe tends to view Asia as if through one eye at a time. In the 1980s, it consisted of the Japanese threat to European industry. In the 1990s and for much of this decade, it consisted of the Chinese threat to European industry, or was it the Chinese...
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The failure of Tony Blair
Corriere della Sera - January 2nd 2007

It is common for prime ministers to end their time in office by being disliked at home, but admired abroad. It has something to do with the fruits of excessive familiarity: an old English saying, that “no man is a hero to his valet”, captures the reason....
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Keep faith with enlargement
Corriere della Sera - December 16th 2006

New Year’s Day is supposed to be a happy occasion, on which the troubles of last year can be forgotten, and when the new year is too young for troubles to have yet occurred. Yet January 1st in Europe is destined to be rather glum, even for Romania...
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Russia is Saudi Arabia with nukes
Corriere della Sera - December 6th 2006

The atmosphere in London is creative, excited and a little bit scared. For almost the only theory that has not been circulated seriously about the radiation poisoning with polonium 210 of a former Russian KGB officer, Alexander Litvinenko, is...
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Two solutions for energy security
Corriere della Sera - November 23rd 2006

Ever since Russia temporarily shut off gas supplies to Ukraine in January, "energy security" has been the hottest topic, if you will forgive such a frivolous cliché, for European political and business leaders. Everyone says they are worried about...
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Europe needs Turkey
Corriere della Sera - October 29th 2006

There is something strange about the debate inside our European Union about enlargement, and in particular about the negotiations with Turkey. It is that the idea of admitting new members is presented as if it is...
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Grazie, Silvio
Corriere della Sera - October 13th 2006

Lenin would be astonished. No, I don´t mean the real Lenin, asleep in his mausoleum in Red Square in Moscow. I am talking personally, as the man whose photo was featured on the front page of Il Giornale five years ago as evidence that The Economist, the...
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The Importance of Optimism
Corriere della Sera - November 1st 20098

It has been called the worst financial crisis to have occurred in the past 60 years. Others have said it is simply unprecedented. Even Alan Greenspan, the famous chairman of America’s Federal Reserve Board for more than 18 years, has called it a “global...
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