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20:21 Vision Reviews and Columns

20:21 Vision - Reviews and Columns

William Keegan, The Observer Jan 4 2004
"Optimism's not what it used to be"

Hamish Macrae, The Independent Feb 8th 2003
"Reasons to be cheerful"

Will Hutton, The Guardian, Feb 8th 2003
"Capitalism and the crystal ball"

Lee Gaillard, San Francisco Chronicle, March 2 2003
"Globalisation may save us after all"

Peter Preston, The Observer, Jan 26 2003
"he's seen the future in the stars and stripes"

Martin van der Weyer, Sunday Telegraph, Jan 11 2003
"The future is American"

Robert Harvey, The Tablet, March 1st 2003
"Key players for the world's future"

Michael Lind, New York Times, Feb 2nd 2003
"2 cheers for capitalism"

John Gray, New Statesman, Feb 3 2003
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