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Podcast: Liberal Halvtime Podcast: Osolo October 2022

IISS talk “Boris, Brexit and Britain’s Political Nervous Breakdown” – 22 October 2019

Chatham House podcast on post-Brexit Japan-UK relationship – 31 January 2019

Berlusconismo and Murdochismo06 June 2012


Bill Emmott Lecture at the Schweizerisches Institut für Auslandforschung / Swiss Institute of International Studies, associated to the University of Zurich – 22 May 2019

Interview on Australian Broadcasting08 August 2017

LSE Podcast20 July 2017

Reuters 05 July 2017

Girlfriend in a Coma is available online27 February 2013

BBC interview by Nick Higham in “Meet the Author”19 July 2012

Interview with Polimedia TV at the International Book Fair 201114 May 2011

Interview at the Festival of Journalism, PerugiaApril 2011

Bill Emmott Interview with Eva Giovannini – Annozero Rai2February 2011

Bill Emmott speaking on ADNKronos about Italy´s energy to trade26 November 2010

“Forza, Italia” Presentation Event, Rome25 November 2010

Next stop: Italy – Bill Emmott speaking at an event organized by Matteo Renzi and Giuseppe Civati ​​07 November 2010

Bill Emmott Interview on La Repubblica: Berlusconi controls the media21 October 2010

“Parla con me” with Serena Dandini – Rai321 October 2010

Otto e Mezzo, Il Punto11 October 2010

ei and ENGINE ´Thought for the Day´ Breakfast with Bill Emmott and Anatole Kaletsky08 July 2010

Bill Emmott Interview with Nichi VendolaJuly 2010

Bill Emmott on the use and abuse of economics data – An interview made during the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, ItalyApril 2010

Bill Emmott interview with Valentina AntonelliApril 2010

Salzburg Global Seminar session on Emerging Asian Powers: Excerpts from an interview with Tina Micklethwait, Director of Communications of the Salzburg Global SeminarMarch 2010

IISS Perspectives – Bill Emmott and Stephen Fidler on the First Plenary Session – The Changing Global Balance of Economic Power and its International Impact2010

Speaking on the Asian Economies Post-Crisis Panel at the Salzburg Global SessionDecember 2009

Intelligence Squared debate: Ukraine should introduce tax reform despite the economic crisis, organized by the Foundation for Effective Governance in cooperation with Intelligence Squared in Kiev, UkraineNovember 2009

Bill Emmott speaking about the financial crisis on Diario EconomicoNovember 2009

Interview on The Magazine PostOctober 2009

Asian strategic power: Bill Emmott appearing on ABC Radio NationalJune 2009

Asia Vs Europe Which Region is More Geopolitically Incompetent? – Debate at the National University of SingaporeMay 2009

Bill Emmott shares his views on the London Summit. Filmed at the Annual Meeting of the UK-Japan 21st Century group, Odawara, JapanFebruary 2009

Bill Emmott on Silvio BerlusconiJanuary 2009

Gresham College Lecture – Asia’s Rivals: The implications for the world economy of developments in China, India and Japan23 September 2008

Frost Over the World – Bill Emmott joins Sir David. Emmott says that developing countries like China and India should be formally represented in the G8June 2008

Book Review – Michael Vaughan reviews “Rivals: How the Power Struggle Between China, India and Japan Will Shape Our Next Decade” by Bill EmmottJune 2008

Bill Emmott explains why Rupert Murdoch divides America with TV but not the UK30 May 2008

Bill Emmott: Fathauer Lecture on Political EconomyMarch 2008

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club on Silvio Berlusconi and why he was unfit to lead ItalyOctober 2006

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club on why The Economist supported the war in Iraq and what went wrong afterwardsOctober 2006

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club on British politicsOctober 2006

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club – Intoduction from John Loyd – The outgoing editor of The Economist strips away the anonymity of their unsigned articles and talks about his 13 year tenureOctober 2006

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club on European politicsOctober 2006

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club on why The Economist remains optimisticOctober 2006

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club on why The Economist calls itself a newspaperOctober 2006

Bill Emmott at the Frontline Club on the predictions The Economist got wrong. He describes why they predicted oil prices would drop to $5 a barrel and that house prices would collapseOctober 2006

Bill Emmott talks about his book, 20:21 Vision: Twentieth-Century Lessons for the Twenty-first CenturyFebruary 2003