Publication: La Stampa


11.03.21 Publication:

If you feel strongly about the interview given by Britain’s Prince Harry and his American wife Meghan Markle to Oprah Winfrey on CBS, then just remember...

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Big Lie

09.01.21 Publication:

America’s attempted revolution has failed. Donald Trump has failed. His opponents now command a majority in both houses of the US Congress. Criminal...

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US lessons for Europe

06.11.20 Publication:

The outcome of America’s elections brings to mind a line from two famous American entertainers, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy: “Another fine mess you’ve...

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Lessons from Abe for Europe

29.08.20 Publication:

All political careers end in failure. That saying, by a famous British Conservative politician of the 1970s, Enoch Powell, applies especially to those...

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Time to Face China Together

05.07.20 Publication:

In June 1989 China used tanks and bullets to impose its will on young protestors in and around Tiananmen Square in Beijing, killing thousands. In July 2020...

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Why Britons have Lost Trust in Boris

03.06.20 Publication:

To outsiders, it must look like a farce. While the British economy is slumping, the country is moving into huge debt, and it has lost more than 37,000 lives...

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How Bad Might the 2020 Economic Shock Become?

03.04.20 Publication:

Children often have better instincts than us supposedly experienced adults. In early March, when I was giving a talk to a group of teenage pupils at a school...

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Brexit Day

03.02.20 Publication:

Welcome to the great Brexit anti-climax. It was postponed twice last year, Britain went into a kind of political nervous breakdown over it, then held a...

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Xi Virus

01.02.20 Publication:

Just over two years ago my former magazine, The Economist, put President Xi Jinping on its cover and described him as “The world’s most powerful man”....

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Britain Elects the Lesser of Two Evils

14.12.19 Publication:

The British public have chosen the lesser of the two evils that were offered to them in the country’s first December general election since 1923. The result...

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Five Star’s Identity at a Crossroads

30.08.19 Publication:

What is a populist political party, what is its purpose and how worried should we be? Those questions have been buzzing around in the heads of political...

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Next, a British General Election

12.07.19 Publication:

We will not know until July 24 whether Britain’s next prime minister will be Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt, and we may not know until after the summer...

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Europe’s Protest Against the Protestors

28.05.19 Publication:

It can be counted as a protest vote against the previous protest vote. That is of course an over-simplification of the European Parliament elections, as any...

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The danger of a US-China deal

03.02.19 Publication:

The trade war between the United States and China risks getting nastier, lasting for years and damaging all our economies. Negotiations in Washington, DC, on...

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Italy and the world

31.05.18 Publication:

Let’s face it: the typical view in the outside world about Italian political crises is that they are dramatic but not serious. That may be why so little...

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Lesson for Europe: Mr.Abe´s Gamble

26.05.18 Publication:

All politicians need luck, especially in their early months in office. So the lucky star has certainly shone on Japan’s new prime minister,...

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Investing in Equality

13.05.18 Publication:

What do Donald Trump, Five Star, the Lega, Vladimir Putin and Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban have in common? The answer is that they all favour closed...

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Europe’s Challenges

10.05.18 Publication:

Europe faces a severe test of its resilience, its coherence, its self-sufficiency -- the toughest, in fact, since 1945. Deserted and attacked by its closest...

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Why Asia Condemns Us to a Supporting Role

08.05.18 Publication:

Perplexed. Baffled. Disdainful. Pitying. But in the end, not really interested. Those are sort of the words and phrases that came to my mind as I asked...

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It made great…

27.04.18 Publication:

It made great television, for the place where the leaders of North and South Korea met on April 27th, the so-called De-Militarized Zone on the border between...

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06.04.18 Publication:

Across Europe, left-wing, social-democratic parties are in disarray, unable to find a coherent answer to the global financial crisis and to high public debts...

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13.01.18 Publication:

In every national election, there is a choice of emphasis: policies, political parties or personalities. While winner-takes-all electoral systems in the US,...

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Trump in Asia

06.11.17 Publication:

Normally, if a US President were to land in China in the midst of the longest visit to Asia by any American president for 25 years, it would be a demonstration...

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The meaning of XI Jinping´s rise

25.10.17 Publication:

So we now know that President Xi Jinping is considered the most important, and thus most powerful, Chinese leader since the “Great Helmsman” Mao Zedong,...

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