Publication: Mainichi Shimbun

Will ex-Japan PM Abe be Judged as a Survivor that Drifted with the Tides?

19.09.20 Publication:

Historians are divided by one quite fundamental debate. One school, who believe in what is often known as “the great man theory of history” holds that...

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Bolton’s Trump Tell-All Book

05.07.20 Publication:

After nearly three and a half years in office, we all know far more about how the Trump administration functions or doesn’t function than we knew about most...

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Public Trust in Political Leadership Key in Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic

24.05.20 Publication:

Last December, the government of my country, the UK, looked supremely powerful and confident. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party had just...

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The Political Risks of the Pandemic

12.04.20 Publication:

In the middle of a storm, it makes no sense to try to list what damage is going to be done as it rages onwards. We need to concentrate on staying dry and...

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US 2020

19.01.20 Publication:

Every year can be said to be important in the United States of America, for what happens in the world’s most powerful country affects us all. But this...

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Political Crisis in Britain and Italy

31.08.19 Publication:

In Europe, we are facing two political crises at the same time, both of which stimulate reflections on the nature of constitutions and the current populist...

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Why has China Tolerated Hong Kong’s Challenge?

21.07.19 Publication:

It was always inevitable, even before Britain handed back control of Hong Kong to China in 1997 after 99 years as a colony, that there would eventually be...

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The breakdown of British pragmatism over Brexit

09.02.19 Publication:

We British used to talk proudly about how pragmatic, reasonable and logical we are, by comparison with what we have liked to see as our impractical,...

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The US and Russia

04.08.18 Publication:

What has emerged from the summits with Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin is a mixture of the psychological and the geopolitical. The psychological element is not...

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22.06.18 Publication:

A common saying among military men is that a country should never send troops into battle without having an exit strategy, a plan for how to end the conflict...

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North Korea

10.05.18 Publication:

The key question to ask oneself while we wait for the historic summit between Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader, and President Donald Trump of the United...

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30.03.18 Publication:

How do you deal with a neighbour like Russia, which seems to enjoy breaking all sorts of rules, both legal ones and ethical ones? By economic sanctions? By...

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