Publication: Mainichi

“Three Myths about Afghanistan”

05.09.21 Publication:

There’s no denying that August was a terrible month both for President Joe Biden and for the reputation of the United States. But the disastrously handled...

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UK Future Relationship with Asia

21.03.21 Publication:

My country, Britain, faces a self-imposed difficulty. It chose, in a referendum in 2016, to leave the 28-country block of the European Union, of which it had...

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Biden Presidency

31.01.21 Publication:

Four years ago it was said, probably accurately, that Hillary Clinton may have been the only Democratic Party candidate that Donald Trump stood a chance of...

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Will the Trump Years be a Blip?

07.11.20 Publication:

Throughout Donald Trump’s occupancy of the White House since January 2017 I have had in my mind comparisons with the previous billionaire, narcissistic...

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