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Vaccination Investment

10.03.21 Publication:

Anyone in business will know that it is very rare to find ratios of risk to likely return that are highly favourable and carry a high degree of certainty. Any...

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09.09.20 Publication:

The Covid-19 pandemic crisis has combined forces with the already ongoing clash between the United States and China about trade and technology to give new...

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Work and Covid

10.06.20 Publication:

It is the question every business and every policy maker is asking themselves: among the many changes forced on us and on society by the covid-19 pandemic,...

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Covid-19 Virus – How Should Corporations Respond?

16.03.20 Publication:

It is the external economic and business shock that futurists have often warned about, but most of us never expected to actually happen: a new virus causing a...

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The Paradox of Technological Progress

14.12.19 Publication:

Something strange is going on in our businesses and in the economy as a whole, all over the advanced, industrialised world, and Japan is at the forefront of...

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The Implications of low Inflation

04.10.19 Publication:

We are living in a world of seemingly permanently low inflation. It is quite a contrast, at least for Europe and North America, to the world of the 1970s,...

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Why Women Will Shape Japan’s Furture

29.07.19 Publication:

Women will determine the future of Japan’s economy and of many Japanese businesses. That is the proposition I have put forward in a new book which was...

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The surprising resilience of global economic growth

01.06.19 Publication:

This was supposed to be the year of the global economic slowdown, led by the United States and Europe. More than 10 years after those regions’ recovery from...

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Trade and Trump

19.05.18 Publication:

During President Donald Trump’s first year in the White House, an English saying was often invoked when analysing the gap between what he said and what he...

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Human Capital

01.02.18 Publication:

What is Japan’s biggest economic problem, or at least weakness, as we look ahead towards the 2020s and 2030s? A lot of people have favourite answers to...

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Japan’s crisis of quality and trust

17.11.17 Publication:

We all make mistakes. That simple statement is as true of companies as it is of human beings, and should be kept in mind when we try to assess the impact of...

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Japan´s crisis of quality and trust

17.11.17 Publication:

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The importance of women for Japan

29.09.17 Publication:

What is Prime Minister Abe’s plan for “womenomics” all about and can it really ever amount to anything meaningful in a country as conservative as Japan?...

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Better Prospects for Europe

10.07.17 Publication:

Business prospects in Europe are looking better than at any stage in the past decade. Opportunities for foreign investors look arguably the best in the...

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Why Japan is less well prepared than South Korea

01.03.17 Publication:

In the second half of the 20th century, no two countries performed better, in terms of raising citizens’ living standards, strengthening political...

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Minimum Wages

23.10.16 Publication:

On October 1st, the only government economic policy measure this year that is likely to boost the Japanese economy came into effect. It is positive, but was...

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Donald Trump’s Italian prototype

09.05.16 Publication:

Here is a good principle when thinking about the US presidential election in November of this year: hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. It is...

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2020 Olympics

21.03.16 Publication:

Are you expecting Tokyo´s Olympic Games in 2020 to bring a big economic benefit to the nation? Plenty of people seem to be hoping that it will bring such a...

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Emerging Markets

25.01.16 Publication:

The year has begun with falling stockmarkets, falling oil prices and falling forecasts about growth in the world economy. What should international businesses...

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23.11.15 Publication:

Terrorist atrocities are always a shock, whenever and wherever they happen. That is their purpose. On Friday November 13th I was in London attending a dinner...

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2016 Special Issue

05.11.15 Publication:

From my perspective, one of the most important events of next year will be an event that we do not even yet know for sure whether it will take place in 2016,...

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The case for a carbon tax

19.10.15 Publication:

There are many uncertainties in economic and political life. But here at least are two things I thought were certainties in Japan. One is that the government...

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China’s political contradictions

22.08.15 Publication:

What is really happening in China? That is now one of the most important questions for global businesses, which especially includes Japanese exporters and the...

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China´s political contradictions

22.08.15 Publication:

What is really happening in China? That isnow one of the most important questions for global businesses, which especially includes Japanese exporters and the...

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