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The Real Failure Is Pakistan

18.08.21 Publication:

LONDON – There is only one good thing about the fact that the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks will take place less than a month...

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How to Make Japan Great Again

06.10.20 Publication:

DUBLIN – Japan’s new prime minister, Yoshihide Suga, has arrived with a suite of ambitious policy ideas, including plans to digitize government services...

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The Japan Shinzo Abe has left Behind

28.08.20 Publication:

DUBLIN – Shinzo Abe’s sudden resignation (on health grounds) ends the tenure of Japan’s longest-serving prime minister. The country’s most...

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Toward a 2021 Tokyo Olympics

24.03.20 Publication:

With the global COVID-19 crisis quickly escalating, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has had to accept a hard truth, rightly taking the initiative...

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What Brexit Reveals About the EU

30.10.19 Publication:

LONDON – In another bizarre twist in the Brexit saga, the United Kingdom’s Parliament has signalled its acceptance of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s...

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Springtime for Nationalism?

01.04.19 Publication:

LONDON – Is populism still on the rise? That question will be looming over elections in Israel, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Spain, and the European...

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Hard Brexit Truths

03.01.19 Publication:

DUBLIN – The March 29, 2019, deadline for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union is fast approaching, yet it remains far from clear how the departure...

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Kim and Trump

25.05.18 Publication:

President Donald Trump’s abrupt decision to cancel the June 12 summit with Kim Jong-un represents a great diplomatic coup for the young North Korean leader....

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China and Trump

08.04.18 Publication:

We are about to witness a historic test of the wills and self-confidence of two superpowers, China and America, and of two leaders who see themselves as...

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A ‘China First’ strategy for North Korea

04.09.17 Publication:

LONDON – Most pundits agree that the least bad way to deal with North Korea’s nuclear saber rattling is a continued combination of tight containment and...

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A ´China First´ strategy for North Korea

04.09.17 Publication:

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Britain En Marche

24.07.17 Publication:

LONDON – We live in an age of political turbulence. Parties barely a year old have recently swept to power in France and in the huge metropolitan area of...

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The Wages of Wage Fear

10.05.17 Publication:

LONDON – If all else fails, try the previously unthinkable. It is not a bad principle for economic policy in the best of times. Today, it may be just what is...

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Preparing for President Trump

13.05.16 Publication:

LONDON – As America’s friends and allies look on in astonishment at the all-but-certain prospect of a contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in...

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Donald Trump´s Italian prototype

15.03.16 Publication:

TOKYO – The rise of billionaire Donald Trump in the US presidential race has been met with a mixture of horror and fascination. As his campaign, once...

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Oil Dictator Dominos

05.02.16 Publication:

LONDON – Price movements as large and rapid as those that have upended oil markets since June 2014 are sure to cause pain to some and benefit others—yet...

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Patriotism in the Age of Globalisation

22.12.15 Publication:

LONDON – The new fault line in politics, according to Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right National Front, is between globalists and patriots. It is...

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Life after Schengen

01.10.15 Publication:

Throughout Europe’s refugee crisis, which has been building for well over two years, warnings about the threat to the European Union’s precious Schengen...

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The Great Emerging Market Bubble

15.08.15 Publication:

Something has gone badly wrong in the emerging economies that were supposed to be shaping, even dominating, the future of the world. The search for culprits is...

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Shinzo Abe’s pivot to Asia

15.06.15 Publication:

Over the past year, relations among East Asia’s three most successful economies – Japan, South Korea, and China – have been slowly but steadily...

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A “Merkel Plan” for Europe

19.01.15 Publication:

Ever since Europe’s economic crisis erupted more than four years ago, politicians and pundits have clamored for a grand solution, often invoking the example...

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