Publication: The Economist

Much more than China

01.01.08 Publication:

"Asia is one." When the Beijing Olympics are transfixing the world, it will seem as if that sentence is wrong and that Asia is simply China. Other countries...

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A long goodbye

01.04.06 Publication:

Valedictory A long goodbyeBill Emmott, who stands down as editor on March 31st, offers his parting thoughts WITH April Fool´s Day as the publication date on...

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The final days of Tony Blair

01.03.06 Publication:

British politics The final days of Tony Blair If Britain´s prime minister is not thinking about stepping down, he should be ONCE upon a time...

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Tired of globalisation

01.11.05 Publication:

Trade and poverty Tired of globalisationBut trade liberalisation and other forms of openness are needed more than ever Get article...

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The sun also rises (survey)

01.10.05 Publication:

The sun also rises Japan is at last ready to surprise the world by how well it does, not how badly, writes Bill Emmott, editor of The...

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The sun also rises (leader)

01.10.05 Publication:

The sun also rises Japan´s chances of prosperity and influence look surprisingly bright IT HAS taken an extraordinarily long...

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London under attack

01.07.05 Publication:

London under attackAfter the joy of winning the Olympics, evil came swiftly ONCE it had happened, it produced an awful feeling of inevitability. The series...

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There is no alternative (alas)

01.04.05 Publication:

Our British election endorsement There is no alternative (alas)For want of a better option, we favour another Labour victory on May 5th For...

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Asia´s devastation

01.12.04 Publication:

The tsunami Asia´s devastationReflections on a rare but terrible calamity THE clue lies in the Japanese name that has been adopted for...

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The incompetent or the incoherent?

01.10.04 Publication:

America´s next president The incompetent or the incoherent?With a heavy heart, we think American readers should vote for John Kerry on November...

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Resign, Rumsfeld

01.05.04 Publication:

Resign, RumsfeldResponsibility for errors and indiscipline needs to be taken at the top Responsibility for errors and indiscipline...

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The case for gay marriage

01.02.04 Publication:

Equal rights The case for gay marriageFeb 26th 2004 From The Economist print editionIt rests on equality, liberty and even...

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Dear Mr Berlusconi…

01.07.03 Publication:

Dear Mr Berlusconi...Why we are sending an open letter to the Italian prime minister Why we are sending an open letter to the Italian...

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Capitalism and Democracy

01.06.03 Publication:

Radical birthday thoughts Our happy 160th anniversary is an unhappy time for capitalism, writes Bill Emmott, editor of The...

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America´s world role

01.06.02 Publication:

Present at the creation For the first time at least since 1989, but arguably since 1945, America has both the chance and the...

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Vote conservative

01.05.01 Publication:

Britain´s election Vote conservativeBut choose the ambiguous right-winger rather than the feeble one THE fact that the most...

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The 20th Century

01.09.99 Publication:

On the yellow brick road What might the 21st century bring? Some clues can be found by looking at the ebb and flow of the 20th, writes...

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