Publication: La Stampa

A challenging decade for democracy

31.12.10 Publication:

Journalists often think news is defined in terms of days or even minutes. Politicians seem far-sighted if they think in weeks, or visionary if they can see as...

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Distrust undermines alliances

03.12.10 Publication:

The good news about the latest Wikileaks disclosures of American diplomatic reports on Silvio Berlusconi is that they take the focus away from the president of...

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Beware of the nuclear risk

24.11.10 Publication:

It is tempting to regard the firing of artillery shells at an island on the other side of the world as unimportant. That temptation is especially strong when...

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Made in Italy tested against reality

07.11.10 Publication:

The global economic crisis of 2007-09 has done us all a disservice in more ways than just the obvious ones of having caused rising unemployment, falling living...

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America will become inward-looking

04.11.10 Publication:

So America´s mid-term Congressional elections have, as expected, brought a dramatic defeat for the Democratic Party in general and Barack Obama in particular,...

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Cameron more daring than Blair

21.10.10 Publication:

It is an extraordinary gamble: cutting 500,000 public-sector jobs, in a programme of dramatic fiscal retrenchment, with ministries’ budgets being cut by an...

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A brave choice

09.10.10 Publication:

They are not always known for their bravery. Too often, they follow fashionable sentiment, in a rather weak way. But this year the Nobel Peace Prize Committee...

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Obama needs to regain credibility

04.10.10 Publication:

As Barack Obama gets down to the serious task of campaigning for Democratic Party candidates in an effort to stem his party’s losses in America’s mid-term...

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The majority does not work for Italy

14.09.10 Publication:

It has been flattering to us British that so often during the Italian debate about politics and the electoral law, our system has been praised. It was even...

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