The Political Risks of the Pandemic

12.04.20 Publication:

In the middle of a storm, it makes no sense to try to list what damage is going to be done as it rages onwards. We need to concentrate on staying dry and...

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Japan Society: Webinar Series 1: Governments, COVID-19 and the Public Response in the UK and Japan


Governments, COVID-19 and the Public Response in the UK and Japan with Koji Tsuroka and David...

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How Bad Might the 2020 Economic Shock Become?

03.04.20 Publication:

Children often have better instincts than us supposedly experienced adults. In early March, when I was giving a talk to a group of teenage pupils at a school...

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Japan Society Chairman’s Blog – 2

01.04.20 Publication:

In early March, in what now feels like a distant memory, I gave a talk to sixth-formers at a state school in the English countryside, as part of the excellent...

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Toward a 2021 Tokyo Olympics

24.03.20 Publication:

With the global COVID-19 crisis quickly escalating, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has had to accept a hard truth, rightly taking the initiative...

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Covid-19 Virus – How Should Corporations Respond?

16.03.20 Publication:

It is the external economic and business shock that futurists have often warned about, but most of us never expected to actually happen: a new virus causing a...

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Japan Society Chairman’s Blog – 1

01.03.20 Publication:

This is the first of what will be a regular “Chairman’s Blog” for Japan Society members and supporters. I originally thought I would start the blog to...

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Brexit Day

03.02.20 Publication:

Welcome to the great Brexit anti-climax. It was postponed twice last year, Britain went into a kind of political nervous breakdown over it, then held a...

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Xi Virus

01.02.20 Publication:

Just over two years ago my former magazine, The Economist, put President Xi Jinping on its cover and described him as “The world’s most powerful man”....

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Making Brexit banal

31.01.20 Publication:

The true significance of Brexit day is that it is not significant at all – it may be sad or happy, depending on your point of view, but as a moment it has...

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US 2020

19.01.20 Publication:

Every year can be said to be important in the United States of America, for what happens in the world’s most powerful country affects us all. But this...

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Britain Elects the Lesser of Two Evils

14.12.19 Publication:

The British public have chosen the lesser of the two evils that were offered to them in the country’s first December general election since 1923. The result...

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The Paradox of Technological Progress

14.12.19 Publication:

Something strange is going on in our businesses and in the economy as a whole, all over the advanced, industrialised world, and Japan is at the forefront of...

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What Brexit Reveals About the EU

30.10.19 Publication:

LONDON – In another bizarre twist in the Brexit saga, the United Kingdom’s Parliament has signalled its acceptance of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s...

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The Implications of low Inflation

04.10.19 Publication:

We are living in a world of seemingly permanently low inflation. It is quite a contrast, at least for Europe and North America, to the world of the 1970s,...

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Populism and Central Banks

01.09.19 Publication:

In their ideal world, central bankers want to be thought of as boring. For them, less attention is better than more attention. They prefer to be seen as...

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Political Crisis in Britain and Italy

31.08.19 Publication:

In Europe, we are facing two political crises at the same time, both of which stimulate reflections on the nature of constitutions and the current populist...

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Five Star’s Identity at a Crossroads

30.08.19 Publication:

What is a populist political party, what is its purpose and how worried should we be? Those questions have been buzzing around in the heads of political...

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Why Women Will Shape Japan’s Furture

29.07.19 Publication:

Women will determine the future of Japan’s economy and of many Japanese businesses. That is the proposition I have put forward in a new book which was...

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Why has China Tolerated Hong Kong’s Challenge?

21.07.19 Publication:

It was always inevitable, even before Britain handed back control of Hong Kong to China in 1997 after 99 years as a colony, that there would eventually be...

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Next, a British General Election

12.07.19 Publication:

We will not know until July 24 whether Britain’s next prime minister will be Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt, and we may not know until after the summer...

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The surprising resilience of global economic growth

01.06.19 Publication:

This was supposed to be the year of the global economic slowdown, led by the United States and Europe. More than 10 years after those regions’ recovery from...

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Europe’s Protest Against the Protestors

28.05.19 Publication:

It can be counted as a protest vote against the previous protest vote. That is of course an over-simplification of the European Parliament elections, as any...

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Reflections on the Heisei era


Looking back on the three decades of the Heisei era, it is tempting to conclude that although much has changed in Japan's economy and society, very little is...

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