Book Review: JAPAN STORY: IN SEARCH OF A NATION, 1850 TO THE PRESENT. By Christopher Harding. Allen Lane 504pp £25.00

17.11.18 Publication:

When Japan hosts the Rugby Union World Cup next year, and still more so the summer Olympics in 2020, all eyes will be on its omotenashi (hospitality), perhaps...

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The US and Russia

04.08.18 Publication:

What has emerged from the summits with Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin is a mixture of the psychological and the geopolitical. The psychological element is not...

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The greatest issue of our time…

08.07.18 Publication:

The greatest issue of our time in political economy is how to reconcile societies to the process we now call globalisation, with all the inequality and...

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22.06.18 Publication:

A common saying among military men is that a country should never send troops into battle without having an exit strategy, a plan for how to end the conflict...

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The Italian Government

02.06.18 Publication:

No one knows how to label the new government. Calling it “populist” seems bizarre given that Italian politics has been dominated for two decades by the...

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Italy and the world

31.05.18 Publication:

Let’s face it: the typical view in the outside world about Italian political crises is that they are dramatic but not serious. That may be why so little...

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Lesson for Europe: Mr.Abe´s Gamble

26.05.18 Publication:

All politicians need luck, especially in their early months in office. So the lucky star has certainly shone on Japan’s new prime minister,...

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Kim and Trump

25.05.18 Publication:

President Donald Trump’s abrupt decision to cancel the June 12 summit with Kim Jong-un represents a great diplomatic coup for the young North Korean leader....

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Trade and Trump

19.05.18 Publication:

During President Donald Trump’s first year in the White House, an English saying was often invoked when analysing the gap between what he said and what he...

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Investing in Equality

13.05.18 Publication:

What do Donald Trump, Five Star, the Lega, Vladimir Putin and Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban have in common? The answer is that they all favour closed...

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Europe’s Challenges

10.05.18 Publication:

Europe faces a severe test of its resilience, its coherence, its self-sufficiency -- the toughest, in fact, since 1945. Deserted and attacked by its closest...

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North Korea

10.05.18 Publication:

The key question to ask oneself while we wait for the historic summit between Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader, and President Donald Trump of the United...

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Why Asia Condemns Us to a Supporting Role

08.05.18 Publication:

Perplexed. Baffled. Disdainful. Pitying. But in the end, not really interested. Those are sort of the words and phrases that came to my mind as I asked...

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It made great…

27.04.18 Publication:

It made great television, for the place where the leaders of North and South Korea met on April 27th, the so-called De-Militarized Zone on the border between...

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China and Trump

08.04.18 Publication:

We are about to witness a historic test of the wills and self-confidence of two superpowers, China and America, and of two leaders who see themselves as...

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06.04.18 Publication:

Across Europe, left-wing, social-democratic parties are in disarray, unable to find a coherent answer to the global financial crisis and to high public debts...

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30.03.18 Publication:

How do you deal with a neighbour like Russia, which seems to enjoy breaking all sorts of rules, both legal ones and ethical ones? By economic sanctions? By...

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Human Capital

01.02.18 Publication:

What is Japan’s biggest economic problem, or at least weakness, as we look ahead towards the 2020s and 2030s? A lot of people have favourite answers to...

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13.01.18 Publication:

In every national election, there is a choice of emphasis: policies, political parties or personalities. While winner-takes-all electoral systems in the US,...

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Japan’s crisis of quality and trust

17.11.17 Publication:

We all make mistakes. That simple statement is as true of companies as it is of human beings, and should be kept in mind when we try to assess the impact of...

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Japan´s crisis of quality and trust

17.11.17 Publication:

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Trump in Asia

06.11.17 Publication:

Normally, if a US President were to land in China in the midst of the longest visit to Asia by any American president for 25 years, it would be a demonstration...

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The meaning of XI Jinping´s rise

25.10.17 Publication:

So we now know that President Xi Jinping is considered the most important, and thus most powerful, Chinese leader since the “Great Helmsman” Mao Zedong,...

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China’s role in North Korea

04.10.17 Publication:

Every time North Korea tests a nuclear weapon or missile, the question hangs in the mind: why are they doing this? Is it just to deter any potential attacker?...

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