A ‘China First’ strategy for North Korea

04.09.17 Publication:

LONDON – Most pundits agree that the least bad way to deal with North Korea’s nuclear saber rattling is a continued combination of tight containment and...

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A ´China First´ strategy for North Korea

04.09.17 Publication:

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Japan is most at risk in the North Korean missile crisis

01.08.17 Publication:

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The temptation to return to De Gaulle

29.07.17 Publication:

General de Gaulle: a tall, proud,  somewhat pompous nationalist who sees himself as being free to take his own initiatives. Such a stance is admirable in its...

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Britain En Marche

24.07.17 Publication:

LONDON – We live in an age of political turbulence. Parties barely a year old have recently swept to power in France and in the huge metropolitan area of...

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Better Prospects for Europe

10.07.17 Publication:

Business prospects in Europe are looking better than at any stage in the past decade. Opportunities for foreign investors look arguably the best in the...

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Is Amazon a monopoly?


Jeff Bezos: “Alexa, buy me something from Whole Foods.” Alexa: “Buy Whole Foods…buying complete.”  Bezos: “No! Wait!”  Or so went the joke...

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Future-proofing education


Only radical innovation will make our education system future-proof: John Patterson imagines an alternative approach to Western learning There has been a...

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The end of austerity?


Taking stock of Britain’s experiment with fiscal austerity Was it austerity that cost them the election?  The surprise failure of the Conservative Party to...

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Should the Fed raise its 2% inflation target?


When the Federal Reserve met this week, it surprised hardly anyone by raising its Federal Funds rate for the fourth time since 2015, in this case to a target...

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How Europe can re-unite after Donald

12.06.17 Publication:

Following President Trump’s first visit to Europe, the Western alliance looks frayed and fragile. Not only has the leading country of the West elected a...

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Who are the winners and losers from a universal basic income?


Mark Zuckerberg likes it.  Elon Musk is a fan.  Even the new French President, Emmanuel Macron, is open to the idea.  The idea of a universal basic income...

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Is a “jobs guarantee” the way to fix the US economy?


We are so familiar with the fact of unemployment that we tend to dismiss the notion that it could be eliminated. But that idea – embodied in a recent...

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Housing in Britain and America: The economic cost of NIMBYism


In recent years, major economies have proved to be tightly entwined with the fortunes of their countries’ housing markets. The financial crisis of 2008/9 had...

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Do party manifestos have to be “fully costed”?


When, last week, a draft of the Labour Party’s manifesto was leaked to the BBC, there were red faces all round. It revealed some radical policies such as...

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How Macron can fix Europe´s despair

16.05.17 Publication:

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Taxes and the US economy


Economists consider Trump’s corporate tax plan They might be, as Paul Krugman puts it, merely “pieces of paper to soothe the big man’s temper...

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The Wages of Wage Fear

10.05.17 Publication:

LONDON – If all else fails, try the previously unthinkable. It is not a bad principle for economic policy in the best of times. Today, it may be just what is...

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Minimum wages: how high can they go?


“In wanting to tackle the scandal of poverty, it will do little or nothing to clear up that scandal, except shift responsibility from the state to the...

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Why does inequality matter?


Economists debate whether all that matters is poverty Economists are ambivalent about inequality. This is because they find themselves torn between two...

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The non-death of distance


What the gravity model of trade can tell us about the implications of Brexit and Trump Consider a hypothetical Robinson Crusoe thinking of selling coconuts...

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The new nightmare in France

12.04.17 Publication:

With less than two weeks to go before the first round of France’s presidential election, financial markets are waking up to a new potential nightmare. Having...

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Parsing the productivity puzzle


Does the solution lie in the survival of laggard firms? This week, when the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released data showing that productivity fell in...

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The end of the beginning of Brexit


As the UK triggers its withdrawal from the EU, economists debate its likely impact “Now is not the end. Nor, indeed, is it the beginning of the end. But...

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