Publication: Asahi Shimbun

Time for a change, in Japan

15.07.09 Publication:

A time for change. That is the basic feeling that surrounds elections in parliamentary democracies all over the world, especially when one party has been in...

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Desperate days for Doha

28.07.08 Publication:

This week, on the shores of Lake Geneva, a meeting has been taking place that could determine whether globalization continues to make progress or whether...

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Asia and the American election

16.06.08 Publication:

Now that the Democrats have at last chosen their presidential candidate, the real guessing game can begin: what might the choice between Barack Obama and John...

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The IMF and its fiscal recipe

18.02.08 Publication:

If you think back ten years ago, to the East Asian financial crisis that began in Thailand and then spread all over the region, brought down the Suharto...

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Tata´s Nano car and India´s arrival

19.01.08 Publication:

Lakes full of ink have been spilled about the unveiling in India on January 10th by Tata Motors of its new, super-cheap car. Many have pondered whether the...

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Minimum wages in Germany and Japan

26.12.07 Publication:

Politics and economics often pull in different directions. In the world’s third biggest economy, Germany, a policy is being debated intensely that makes...

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The importance of Pakistan to Japan

18.11.07 Publication:

In 1938 the British prime minister, Neville Chamberlain, justified his attempt to ignore Adolf Hitler’s invasion of the central European state of...

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Why Fukuda should visit Nanjing

08.10.07 Publication:

For an outsider to comment about the historical issues between Japan and China feels instinctively awkward—rather like a stranger butting in on a family...

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Nightmares about globalisation

03.09.07 Publication:

There are two popular nightmares about globalisation, and sadly neither is quite foolish enough to be easily proven false. Over the next year, both are going...

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Shinzo Abe´s lessons for Gordon Brown

23.07.07 Publication:

It is hard to follow a superstar. In that regard, Britain’s Gordon Brown and Japan’s Shinzo Abe share a common predicament. Like Mr Abe in October 2006,...

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Tough love needed for climate change to stop

24.06.07 Publication:

Nowadays, we all think that the planet needs to be saved and we all want to do our bit to save it. That, at least, is what a visitor from outer space might...

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China´s stockmarket bubble

21.05.07 Publication:

What is a bubble? No one really knows: people tend to agree on what bubbles are only after they have burst. But a pretty fair indicator is when a stockmarket...

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Japan´s interest in an Asian community

01.04.07 Publication:

The European Union has just celebrated its 50th birthday, or rather the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome which established the first,...

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