Publication: Prospect Magazine

Italy´s Five Star Movement has crushed a PM. It shouldn´t be ignored

12.12.16 Publication:

The long, slow fuse on Italy’s time-bomb has been lit. The crushing defeat of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s constitutional reform proposals in the national...

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Matteo Renzi has put Italy´s future—and that of the euro—at stake in a referendum

18.11.16 Publication:

A time-bomb is ticking away in the heart of Europe, carrying a label marked “Made in Italy.” It could yet be defused. But if it goes off, it would make...

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Rights For The Right

01.03.97 Publication:

Parliamentary sovereignty is not the solution to Britain´s European impasse. Bill Emmott, editor of The Economist, and David Manasian, argue that Thatcherites...

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