Publication: Ushio

The meaning of President Obama

01.12.08 Publication:

American presidential elections are extraordinary things. Can you think of any other country in which the winning candidate in an election spent 21 months,...

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Dangerous milk from China’s Communist Party

01.11.08 Publication:

Will food products made in China ever be safe? All countries have occasional scandals concerning badly made or deliberately adulterated foods and other...

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Socialism in America

01.10.08 Publication:

America, it is often said, is the land of free markets, of unregulated capitalism, of what detractors call “market fundamentalism”. The financial crisis,...

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The Western Credit Crunch, one year on

01.09.08 Publication:

The date that is conventionally chosen to mark the beginning of the so-called “credit crunch” in America and Europe is August 9th 2007. So one year has...

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The mystery about capitalism

01.04.08 Publication:

I have been a financial journalist—among other things—for  more than 25 years. Most of the time I have concluded that although finance can seem...

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Does the economy determine elections?

01.02.08 Publication:

It has become conventional to say that most general elections are won or lost on economic issues, for those are the day-to-day matters that affect more voters...

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Europe´s difficult year ahead

01.01.08 Publication:

Europeans like to compare themselves with Americans. That is perhaps inevitable given our shared history and cultural origins. For the past decade, however,...

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The difficulty with dictatorship

01.12.07 Publication:

During the Cold War, it became a sort of joke to look at the use of the words "democratic" or "peoples" in the names of countries: the joke was that if the...

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Slow wine, in the heart of Europe

01.11.07 Publication:

Twenty years ago, some Italian food producers started a wonderful campaign group called the Slow Food Movement. The idea was to start a reaction against the...

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Japan´s lessons for the financial crisis

01.10.07 Publication:

August is usually a quiet month in the financial markets. Even traders in bonds and shares take holidays. And, since markets generally become volatile in...

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Olympics, smog and China

01.09.07 Publication:

At eight o’clock in the evening of the eighth of August, the eighth month of the eighth year of this decade, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic...

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The love of old buildings

01.08.07 Publication:

There are many things that Britain and Japan have in common, including our island status, our long histories as independent countries and our somewhat...

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The gap between Korea, Japan and the US

01.07.07 Publication:

When I lived full-time in Tokyo as a foreign correspondent in the mid-1980s, I used to visit South Korea quite frequently for my job. I enjoyed learning about...

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The coming crunch in China

01.06.07 Publication:

Everyone who visits China comes back impressed: all the smart new buildings, the wide new roads, the sparkling and efficient airports. They invite a question...

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The folly of economic nationalism

01.05.07 Publication:

In democracies, it is said, politicians running for election try to bribe us with our own money. In other words, they make promises that will cost taxpayers a...

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The promise of India

01.04.07 Publication:

In India, this year has been officially designated as “the year of Japan”. Thanks in part to an extremely energetic Japanese embassy in the Indian capital,...

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Tony Blair and the saddest political mistake

01.02.07 Publication:

This year in my country, Britain, one of our longest-serving and most famous prime ministers will announce his retirement. Tony Blair established a worldwide...

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Economics, consumer loans and gangsters

01.01.07 Publication:

There is a common proverb in English that says that “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. The meaning of this saying is that many policies or...

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The Moon colony in Arabia

01.12.06 Publication:

Science fiction books in the 1950s and 1960s often seemed to feature human colonies, in the far distant future, that had been established on the Moon, or on...

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How to be friendlier with the neighbours

01.11.06 Publication:

At one time, when there was a clear distinction between leftists and rightists in politics, the main task for political candidates was to sound different from...

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Getting serious about global warming

01.10.06 Publication:

In every country around the world, in politics there are some issues on which good politicians know that it is vital to say the right words, but then to avoid...

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The morality of war

01.09.06 Publication:

How fortunate it must have been to be a leader like China´s Mao Zedong. The man who in effect became China´s Communist emperor from 1949 until his...

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Japanese lessons for Italy

01.08.06 Publication:

When I was visiting Milan and Florence recently, I was reminded how appealing Italy is to Japanese visitors. Although Florence was also full of American...

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A Matsuri for books

01.07.06 Publication:

In recent years, especially in Europe and America there has been a common lament, at least among the older and literate sort of people. It is that modern life...

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