The revival of Japan

01.02.07 Publication:

In today’s globalised economy, with fast-growing and appealing countries like the BRICs, it is hard being a rich, mature economy like Japan. By comparison to...

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On not going to Davos

25.01.07 Publication:

Every year at this time, the gathering that is the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, generates contradictory emotions. One set of emotions make me...

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The danger in Asia

09.01.07 Publication:

Europe tends to view Asia as if through one eye at a time. In the 1980s, it consisted of the Japanese threat to European industry. In the 1990s and for much of...

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The best idea: do nothing

04.01.07 Publication:

By Vladimir Dlouhy and Bill EmmottA twice-yearly European ritual began this week when Chancellor Angela Merkel announced her priorities during Germany´s six...

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The failure of Tony Blair

02.01.07 Publication:

It is common for prime ministers to end their time in office by being disliked at home, but admired abroad. It has something to do with the fruits of excessive...

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Economics, consumer loans and gangsters

01.01.07 Publication:

There is a common proverb in English that says that “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. The meaning of this saying is that many policies or...

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Commodities and global growth

01.01.07 Publication:

The world economy has had such a fantastic four years that it has seemed almost rude, or perhaps imprudent, to ask why. The usual answer that is given is...

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Keep faith with enlargement

16.12.06 Publication:

New Year’s Day is supposed to be a happy occasion, on which the troubles of last year can be forgotten, and when the new year is too young for troubles to...

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Russia is Saudi Arabia with nukes

06.12.06 Publication:

The atmosphere in London is creative, excited and a little bit scared. For almost the only theory that has not been circulated seriously about the...

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The Moon colony in Arabia

01.12.06 Publication:

Science fiction books in the 1950s and 1960s often seemed to feature human colonies, in the far distant future, that had been established on the Moon, or on...

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Two solutions for energy security

23.11.06 Publication:

Ever since Russia temporarily shut off gas supplies to Ukraine in January, "energy security" has been the hottest topic, if you will forgive such a...

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How to be friendlier with the neighbours

01.11.06 Publication:

At one time, when there was a clear distinction between leftists and rightists in politics, the main task for political candidates was to sound different from...

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Europe needs Turkey

29.10.06 Publication:

There is something strange about the debate inside our European Union about enlargement, and in particular about the...

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Grazie, Silvio

13.10.06 Publication:

Lenin would be astonished. No, I don´t mean the real Lenin, asleep in his mausoleum in Red Square in Moscow. I am talking personally, as the man whose photo...

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Getting serious about global warming

01.10.06 Publication:

In every country around the world, in politics there are some issues on which good politicians know that it is vital to say the right words, but then to avoid...

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The morality of war

01.09.06 Publication:

How fortunate it must have been to be a leader like China´s Mao Zedong. The man who in effect became China´s Communist emperor from 1949 until his...

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Japanese lessons for Italy

01.08.06 Publication:

When I was visiting Milan and Florence recently, I was reminded how appealing Italy is to Japanese visitors. Although Florence was also full of American...

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A Matsuri for books

01.07.06 Publication:

In recent years, especially in Europe and America there has been a common lament, at least among the older and literate sort of people. It is that modern life...

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Dealing with a nuclear Iran

01.06.06 Publication:

Ever since 1945, when the first nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world has lived with an extraordinary contradiction. This is the fact...

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The power of globalisation

01.05.06 Publication:

Sometimes, we become so preoccupied by what is happening today, that we forget what happened only yesterday. This matters because where we have come from also...

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A long goodbye

01.04.06 Publication:

Valedictory A long goodbyeBill Emmott, who stands down as editor on March 31st, offers his parting thoughts WITH April Fool´s Day as the publication date on...

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Insulting cartoons and the limits of free speech

01.03.06 Publication:

Editors of newspapers and magazines like to think of themselves as quite influential people. But usually they are not. Politicians do pay court to them, but...

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The final days of Tony Blair

01.03.06 Publication:

British politics The final days of Tony Blair If Britain´s prime minister is not thinking about stepping down, he should be ONCE upon a time...

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The case for American leadership

01.02.06 Publication:

During recent years, it has become harder and harder to find anyone outside the United States who will agree that American leadership is good for the world....

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