The true nature of national identity


One Thursday morning in early February I had a surprise. A phone call came to my office from the American embassy in London. "Would I be free to join a...

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There is no alternative (alas)

01.04.05 Publication:

Our British election endorsement There is no alternative (alas)For want of a better option, we favour another Labour victory on May 5th For...

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The new face of American foreign policy


One Thursday morning in early February I had a surprise. A phone call came to my office from the American embassy in London. "Would I be free to join a...

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Japan Inc., RIP

01.03.05 Publication:

The appointment of the first foreign-born chief executive to run one of Japan´s most famous companies, Sony, looks like a clear sign that something dramatic...

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Help the tsunami survivors with trade, not aid


How much should we help others, and if so how? Those questions of human morality seem to be in a special category: the category of questions so basic they are...

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Why Turkey belongs in Europe


What is meant by Europe? That is a question many European leaders have been asking themselves, as they ponder whether Turkey should be allowed to become a...

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Asia´s devastation

01.12.04 Publication:

The tsunami Asia´s devastationReflections on a rare but terrible calamity THE clue lies in the Japanese name that has been adopted for...

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Grappling with democracy


Democracy is an easy idea to be in favour of, unless you are in power in an authoritarian government. But why is it so important? And what is required to make...

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Dealing with kidnapping


We are in an era when shocking events and situations seem to be all around us. Partly, this is because there are more shocking things occurring, as people...

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The incompetent or the incoherent?

01.10.04 Publication:

America´s next president The incompetent or the incoherent?With a heavy heart, we think American readers should vote for John Kerry on November...

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The American presidential choice


Election campaigns are typically occasions when parties promise they will bring changes, all for the better—except the incumbent party, which claims that its...

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A place for reconciliation


Around the beautiful old city of Salzburg in Austria, "the hills are alive with the sound of music", at least according to Julie Andrews´ character in the...

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Corn laws, rice laws and the poor


For almost three years, talks have been going on to try to achieve a new phase of world trade liberalisation—the Doha Development Round, named after the...

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Koizumi faces divisions as traditional role changes

01.07.04 Publication:

Japan´s sun is rising again, after a decade of stagnation, with economic recovery now widely based and quite powerful, even if it is too soon to say...

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The meaning of a bigger Europe


It is too easy to be complacent about what has just happened in Europe. Ten countries, eight of them from central Europe and so formerly part of the Soviet...

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Optimism, pessimism and terrorism


There are two noticeable divides, these days, in world affairs. One is between those who are essentially optimistic about politics, war, terrorism and economic...

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Resign, Rumsfeld

01.05.04 Publication:

Resign, RumsfeldResponsibility for errors and indiscipline needs to be taken at the top Responsibility for errors and indiscipline...

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Better impressions of Japan


Bit by bit, step by step, month by month, the worlds opinion of Japan is changing. Such opinions always change even more slowly than the country does itself,...

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Comparing Britain and Japan


The question that everyone wants economists to answer, and which even economists would dearly like to be able to offer good answers to, is the question of why...

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The case for gay marriage

01.02.04 Publication:

Equal rights The case for gay marriageFeb 26th 2004 From The Economist print editionIt rests on equality, liberty and even...

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Japan´s English lessons

01.01.04 Publication:

North Korea´s nuclear threat is forcing Japan to choose between two strategic options: draw closer to the United States, or develop a more autonomous and...

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The rise and fall of the sun

01.09.03 Publication:

Is the vacuum of leadership that led Japan astray in the 1930s not also the country´s central political problem today, asks BILL EMMOTT The rise and fall of...

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Dear Mr Berlusconi…

01.07.03 Publication:

Dear Mr Berlusconi...Why we are sending an open letter to the Italian prime minister Why we are sending an open letter to the Italian...

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Capitalism and Democracy

01.06.03 Publication:

Radical birthday thoughts Our happy 160th anniversary is an unhappy time for capitalism, writes Bill Emmott, editor of The...

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